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Add YouTube Videos to Your Music Studies


When you take music lessons your teacher should have a wealth of knowledge to share, being able to deliver that knowledge effectively. What's interesting is I have had mid-level students teach me, as well. They may play a passage or even display a  Guitar technique that's unique!


The most exciting part about studying music is you can always, always grow. If you take Singing (vocal) lessons, always listen to inflections, phrasing, pitch etc... Local live singers, radio, CD's and ipods can be great learning tools. YouTube, however, is probably the Best additional platform for anyone taking music lessons and studying music. You can watch up close and playback something that is new to you. This applies to Piano, Violin or any Instrument for that matter. For instance, Drums can be way more complicated than what meets the eye/ear. Drum tutorials cover Drum fills, time signatures etc.


These videos can also break down how any Drum beat, Guitar or Piano riff you want to learn. Best of all, it's Free! Essentially any Vocal performance, Instrument and style can be found on YouTube. Having taught guitar and over the years, I'm always drawn to any video that's Guitar-related. LIVE band videos are also great because you can SEE and try to learn from that performance, as well.


Note: Skyping lessons are never a replacement for real teacher in front of you that can physically show you what to do, answer texts and other questions after times up. However, using the internet and YouTube is a great tool to ADD to your learning arsenal!