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Flying Hands Music School in Louisville, Kentucky


Back to School 2019!

Louisville Music Lessons
Yes, we still suggest piano as the best instrument to start lessons with but we also offer Voice, Violin, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele and Drum lessons. Our philosophy is we want the student to pick what they're most passionate about. We want to create a spark, not have the student dragging in as a result of boredom. You can always pick up Piano later. In fact, college music programs require Piano as a minor. 


If you're unsure, schedule a lesson on a few different instruments so you can pick the best fit! Violin is obviously a classical instrument but it can cover many styles. If you want to write songs, try Guitar and/or Voice lessons. If the student is young but wants to play Guitar, start them on a Ukulele as it is easier and is a smooth transition into Guitar lessons. Drum lessons are also great for young students. We also offer Rock school for kids with some experience. (Voice experience not required.) Instrument rental is also available. Welcome back to our students out for the summer. To the new students, jump on in-the water feels great!