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August 18, 2013

With school starting back, you may find your child interested in music lessons. Picking an instrument can be difficult, but if you use logic, it can be simple. Piano is always a first choice because music theory is based on it. Obviously if the student is joining band, sax, flute, trumpet, trombone or even tuba are good choices. The last 3 use mouth pieces, with tuba being the easiest. Percussion for band is snare & bass drum oriented with a few cymbal players added. Violin is always the obvious choices for orchestra, but the aforementioned band instruments are also used. These students can play in band & orchestra both. You don't see violin in band!

Orchestral percussion is more diverse, but there are similarities, as well. Drums are a form of percussion, but are played sitting down with a complete kit involved, using all four limbs. Drums are best for jazz or rock ensembles. Guitar is the most popular instrument, but there's always a need for a bass guitar player. If you have a good voice and want to sing, we teach that too!