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Flying Hands Music School in Louisville, Kentucky

Adding Personality to your Art

January 14, 2016


To be a successful performer, you must connect with your audience. Singers like Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler don't have the greatest voices, but have a ton of energy to offer. They command your attention! NRBQ has a piano player that rocks and manipulates his instrument around with fury. A lot of metal drummers twirl their sticks. Some have drum stages that lift, spin etc. Tommy Emanuel is a solo guitar virtuoso that captures crowds with his energy, comedy and sometimes trickery.

An image can also be based on attire, so that's something to keep in mind. Then there are The Allman Brothers who dress down and just stand there playing Southern Blues. Why does that work? Because you can see the passion in their eyes and faces. They are truly amazing. So whatever you do as a performer, try to stand out. It's vital to BELIEVE in the stamp you put on your image, and, most importantly, the music you present.