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Flying Hands Music School in Louisville, Kentucky

Deconstruct Your Favorite Song

A favorite song really can motivate a musician and singer, so take it a step further and learn everything you can. If you're a vocalist, learn the melody & proper phrasing. Really listen to the inflections and emotion the singer brings. If there are ad-libs, learn them note for note. Drummers, same thing. Learn the difference between patterns played for each section and learn the fills, beat by beat. Guitarists and Pianists will learn the chords and proper rythms. Every little added ornament and/or solo will improve you as a player. Even songwriters can analyze the mathematical form used. If you don't know what a "1,2,4,5" pattern is, learn what that means! That goes for everyone. Is the 1st chorus what "hooks" you or is it the same word used to start each verse? It can also be a musical hook (Satisfaction guitar riff-Rolling Stones.) Now that you've analyzed your favorite song, Do another.