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Flying Hands Music School in Louisville, Kentucky

Electronic Music

October 31, 2014

We all know what "Electronic Music" sounds like, but all pop/country/rock music is enhanced by electronic forms, even if subtly. Look at an electric guitar or bass student/professional and you'll notice 95% of the time floor pedals are arranged for stomping on. These effects include distortion, echo, wah wah, tremolo, etc.. There are even guitar synthesizers. Most violin and sax players use pickups on their instruments rather than microphones. I've often heard echo effects as well on those instruments. Usually an acoustic drum set is preferred; however, you see more and more electronic pads added. Some of these even make music triggered by a cymbal or drum. Vocalists have reverb and occasional echo on recordings and/or through a PA. Sometimes you hear digital vocal enhancements as well. Many live bands are synched up to added backing tracks. My point is, even if you're a purist, chances are you're going to have to eventually think electronically, even if it's choosing the perfect acoustic guitar pick-up or drum microphone. So make sure to learn about electronics in music and don't be afraid to experiment. I read both Guitar & trade magazines regularly to continually learn and keep up, and I encourage all my students to do the same.