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Flying Hands Music School in Louisville, Kentucky

Gear for Different Music Styles

January 30, 2017

As you mature as a musician, you will become aware of how gear is used for varying musical styles. The Fender Telecaster is a twangy guitar synonymous with country music. Big fat hollowbodys are woody and used for jazz. The Les Paul and Stratocaster are heavier sounds used for rock. U2ss guitarist uses his pedal effects as an intergral part of their sound. Big, fat drums are rock; smaller folk or jazz. An organ sound is churchy. A piano is bright and rhythmic. There are fiddles and violins. Same instrument with varying woods, action, bows etc.

The voice is a part of the human anatomy. Therefore, the way you sing effects the style. Gritty vocals lend best to blues and jazz. Very clean voices are for jazz. The best folk voices are overly expressive but not necessarily trained (ie Bob Dylan, Neil Young.) Next we will address technique for varying styles.