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Music Goals for 2019

If you made a New Years Resolution to take music lessons, congratulations! Make a goal to try it for 6 months. The first few months are the toughest when taking guitar, voice, violin, piano or even drums. But after 6 months, you WILL start to see improvement. That reward will encourage you to keep going. 


 If you are taking music lessons just for fun , this is good! Take it seriously so you can enhance the fun and embrace your accomplishments. Guitar, voice, piano, violin or drums all have different physical challenges. Make sure you know what they are so you know what to tackle. Music, if learned properly, can be revisited throughout a lifetime. Music is joy, sadness, art and a sport of it's own. Music is a healthy form of escapism.


Lastly, if a music major is in your future you have picked a life of challenge and pleasure. But, it is hard! Make goals that place you above your competition. Find your weaknesses. If you're a singer but need to improve your low and/or high range, do it! We all like to practice what we're good at because it is fun. Don't take the easy route. If you're a drummer but don't know and properly excecute your rudiments, you are failing. Guitar & Violin are hard to read. Read every day. Build your confidence. Piano brings the challege of coordinating 2 different hands in 2 different directions. Master that piece of music that drives you crazy. That too, will build confidence. A dedicated musician knows their rudiments and scales. Take ear training seriously. Most importantly, remember every piece of music a singer, drummer, guitar, violin or piano player tackles will also FURTHER your abilities into new areas. Music has many styles and many physically challenging things to learn. Ain't it great?