How to be a Great Music Student!

A Great Student is one that goes above and beyond. A Great Student is serious about the class they are studying. At Belmont University, my guitar professor told me I would get a "B" if I did everything he asked. An "A" would entail going beyond that.

ALL instruments should be practiced with a metronome for good timing. For drums, it is mandatory but singers (and everyone between) can benefit too. Voice students need great timing for their phrasing, for instance.

Always make note reading a priority. It can be challenging, but a good reader makes for a well-rounded musician.

Piano and Guitar students need to have great chord knowledge. Scales, improvisation, ear-training are all important to study. Take technique seriously!

Voice and violin, among guitar, piano and drums have varying techniques that cover posture, hand placement, breathing etc.. Like I mentioned in the last blog post, Finding a Great Teacher, if you have a request ask your teacher!