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Knowing Your Rhythms

Being we teach voice (singing), piano, guitar, bass, ukulele, violin & drums, we will concentrate on these instruments for this blog.

Knowing your Rhythms is very important. If you're a drummer and don't know the difference between Shuffle and Swing Rhythms, you would be in trouble! What is a Reggae beat? Does a drummer, guitar/ukulele player or Piano player need to know what 6/8 time is? Absolutely. What does a bass player do on a  Drum Breakdown - play or not play? (The answer is sometimes!)


Shuffles are rhythms all Blues guitar players and singers/vocalist must know. Your "voice" should not just be familiar with the beat, but the phrasing as well. Voice/ Guitar Note bending is part of the phrasing. Piano players can glide notes to emulate the sound of sliding. Violins are fretless, so sliding comes naturally.


In Reggae, the guitar and piano will hit/accent the "ands" of 1&2&3&4&, whereas the bass and drums may accent the 3rd beat. Double-Time is when you literally speed up twice as fast...


We could discuss this topic in great length but the takeaway is to learn and be comfortable with varying rhythms and the styles they represent. Expand your horizons. It will make you that much better.


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