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Flying Hands Music School in Louisville, Kentucky

Learn Acoustic First!


Classical Guitar is a great way to begin the guitar journey. It's an acoustic instrument that requires a rigid technique that is very beneficial. Before playing with amplification and other effects, make sure you have good command of your instrument.  When learning piano, learn on a real one before you jump into the vast realm of keyboard sounds and effects. A real piano feels like no other keyboard to the hands.  With drums, start with a snare drum and build from there. A lot of drum students shun electronic drums but you should at least be acquainted with them.

Experiment with orchestral and latin percussion,  as well. A singer should be able to do vocals well before moving on to a mic (and reverb.)The same goes for violin. The idea is to get really good with the most basic form of your instrument.

Once you've begun to master your instrument, expand into electronics and other styles and/or variations of your instrument. The ignites creativity. By being very flexible, you can be more successful too!