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Learning Music If You're Left Handed

Are you a left-handed singer? Ha Ha, this may be the only "instrument" that doesn't matter...

I always let lefties hold a guitar to see what feels most comfortable. If they keep turning a right handed guitar over, then they should get a left handed one or restring the right-handed guitar the other way. The advantage to left-handers is that it's a mirror image when they face you. After that it gets more difficult. Pictures and diagrams are always right handed so it can be a challenge for the teacher.

A violin would have to have the chin rest reversed to the right shoulder. Lefties that play right-handed instruments will find they have to work harder on their right picking/bowing because it is the weaker hand/arm.

A piano is a piano. However similarly, the right hand will have to work harder, whereas as the low bass notes on the left hand will come easier.

Drummers can reverse the set so that the snare and hi-hat are to their right instead of left.

The most important thing is to approach your instrument with comfort and let the teacher make the adjustment. Don't be discouraged, Jimi Hendrix was a leftie!