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Multi-Intsrumentalists Trends


Producers, Songwriters and Musicians in bands are becoming multi-instrumentalists. There are advantages to this. For studio work, you don't necessarily have to have other musicians around. Most pop music is not centered around virtuosity, but a combined sound. So it does make some sense. Also visually, it's interesting to see band members switch it up.

Do we encourage this as a school? No (and Yes.) Firstly, No because you need to master your voice as a singer before you move to playing another instrument. Become a great piano, guitar and drum player through lessons with a great a teacher, then you can decide to try other things. Initially, you may want to try drums, voice, violin guitar or drums to find what ignites your flame. That is good! If you put time into singing or an instrument and you're not feeling it, then switch!

Ultimately though, you have to ask yourself "do I want to be great at one thing or be possibly above average at many things?" Does your personality thrive on multi-tasking or are you a perfectionist? It's music, it's art so there's no right or wrong answer. Make sure You have the answer for You though. Do you want to be get hired because you a great singer-drummer-pianist-guitarist or do you want to be a songwriter? Studio musician or Producer? There's a big difference.

Good luck finding these answers and always keep pushing forward!