Music Lessons for Adults

If you're an adult and you've always wanted to return to the instrument studied at a younger age, Now is a good time! Picking up where you left off on Piano or Guitar lessons can be very gratifying. Sometimes stumbling blocks you encountered before, go away. Most importantly, you are reengaging in something that is stimulating and that you have always enjoyed.

If you've never taken lessons but have always wanted to, Do It Now! Adults can be fearful to try something new. Any age that is fearful we handle by a scheduling a 10 minute meeting with the teacher. Seeing our Studios and meeting the instructor can take away a lot of anxiety when you go for your first lesson. Why do this? Because you don't ever want to pass up a dream that is this accessible. If you take one lesson and don't want to return, that is fine! At least you can say you've tried it.

Many adults want to take Voice because they enjoy Singing and want to improve, even if it's just for fun. There are also many who would like to Sing in their church choir or even work up to Singing solos. Voice lessons can help with pitch, range, breathing, enunciation etc...Can we fix someone who is tone deaf. No, but we can improve it. Guitar is good for adults, especially if you've played before. String instruments such as Violin, can be difficult. Horns can also be difficult because there is not much instant gratification. These instruments take a pick, a bow or a mouthpiece to generate sound. Piano, Drums and Voice offer quicker gratification because you simply Sing, strike Piano keys or the Drum directly to get sound. That being said, follow your passion. If you've always wanted to play Violin or Guitar, Do It. But expect some challenges.

Lastly, time is always an issue for adults. We honestly don't expect adults to put in the time that we expect from children. Use this as a compass: if you leave your lesson and you have inched forward a little bit from the previous lesson...It is worth Your time!