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Flying Hands Music School in Louisville, Kentucky


Music Lessons For All Ages

Yes, we virtually teach all ages starting around 4 years old! However, varying age groups can be challenging. About 9 to 25 years old is typically the best age for people to study guitar, piano, voice, violin and drums. I say this because this age span catches on the quickest. There is good chance a teenager will do better than anyone, though. They are develpoed enough to engage and meet the physical and mental challenges of learning music. People in their twenties are actually a little behind the teens when learning music. Again, teens can very well meet musical demands while achieving substantial growth and musical aptitude. I can't stress enough how much good music is for adolescents, in general. As we all know, this can be a very diffucult time in young people's lives.


A toddler can only be taught between 10 and 20 minutes at a time. The goal is to introduce music lessons in a fun way so they will want to return again. Voice, drums and a little piano are best suited for little ones. Most toddlers take only about 6 months at a time. Around kindergarten age is when kids can really start to learn and hopefully develope a passion for music. Voice, piano, drums and ukelele lessons are most effective for this age. Nine years old is the best age to start guitar lessons. Until then, Ukelele is advised.


Adults are challenging because they have so many priorities. They typically will come to a voice, piano, guitar, violin or even drum lessons unprepared and apologetic. I always tell adults "if you walk away from each lesson and learn a little more each time, don't beat yourself up!" Remember, there are always exceptions. One of my best friends started guitar at 6 and stuck with it. He now plays for Martina McBride. I had a high school teacher come to me pushing 60 and he did fabulous on the guitar. I had a 75 year old student and the progress was very slow but she did improve (and also became my good friend.} Music truly is for all ages.