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Flying Hands Music School in Louisville, Kentucky


Music Lessons For Fun

It is true we are a serious music school. Our teachers are degreed and they try to bring out the best in our students. We have helped kids get into YPAS, UofL, Belmont and Berkley to name a few. We love training those who aspire to be musicians. But if that's not your goal, that's ok. In fact, music is a very hard field and is not suited for most people.


Our goal for the casual student is simple. Make lessons enjoyable so our students may carry music through the rest of their lives. Some may want to sing, play guitar, piano or drums at church. Some eventually get into community theatre or have a garage band. Some folks just prefer sitting around playing guitar or piano just by themselves. The joy of music is what we're ultimately interested in spreading, whether professional or not.


Voice and Drums are easy initially. Being great, however, takes dedication. Guitar and Violin can be mathematically challenging but don't let that stop you. Pursue your interests, not what's practical. Piano is universal. These days a weighted keyboard plays and sounds very close to the real thing. Try to practice and show up. Most of all, have fun!