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Flying Hands Music School in Louisville, Kentucky


Music Therapy


Music Therapy is a college degree that has been established in the health field. There is scientific research and proof that music not only expands cognitive development for the young, but is also now used as a repetitive therapy for emotional stress and physical pain for all ages. Dementia and veteran patients have seemed to benefit greatly from it.


I can attest, playing guitar every day is therapeutic for me. If I'm stressed or sad it pulls me away from those chains and I come out feeling more relaxed and rejuvenated at the same time. One of my old students is now the best gypsy guitarist in the region and he states that music is a spiritual journey for him. Composition and studio work always creates a feeling of great accomplishment, as well. Live playing and singing increases endorphins. A good performance is very powerful emotionally. Connecting well with both fellow musicians, along with the audience doesn't get any better. Teaching music is also therapeutic.


We encourage recital participation at Flying Hands for some of these reasons. Whether a guitar, piano, voice, violin or drum student, performing is a great tool for those studying music. It forces the student to step up and show their skills with an approving audience that supplies reinforcement. We always say "Don't sit on the bench. You've worked hard, now go out there and show it!"


Guitar, Piano, Voice, Violin and Drum lessons can lead to self therapy on many levels. Playing alone, with others or in front of a crowd is very good therapy for the mind and soul. Writing music and recording it is another wonderful, exhilarating experience. Music Therapy itself as a career option not only is proven to heal those in need, but a powerful career choice with similar benefits to the therapist, as well.