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Musical Styles: Clinical vs Ear Experience

I've said before, the ultimate musician starts out Classically trained, moves through the blues (or what spawned from it) and ultimately studies Jazz.

Why? Classical builds reading, posture, technique and proper breathing for those who Sing or play Guitar, Drums, Piano and Violin, as well. The Blues is what Led to Jazz, Country, Rock, Soul and so on. Blues teaches feel and phrasing and is almost always performed by ear, not written music. Guitar is most associated with the Blues... Try to play in bands as early as you can! Bands are great because they lead you into new and challenging paths on your Voice/Instrument and will develop your ear.

Jazz teaches improvisation and swing rhythms (very important to drummers.) This complex harmony is great for Vocal, Piano, Violin and Guitar growth. With any band, Guitar and Piano players get to solo and experiment with equipment. Drummers get to play with others and learn standard beats. A Jazz band can bend the listener's ears in new ways via a great Singer, Piano or Guitar Player.

Take Music Lessons, be a life-long student, find a great teacher. However, also branch out on your own. Whatever style or styles you excel in will only be enhanced by a great and well-rounded background in these varying styles!


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