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Piano or Violin To Start With?

Admittingly, we encourage little ones tangible instruments like drums or voice lessons. A tangible instrument is one you can tap and get a tone from easily. This is a great starting point. Obviously, the voice would be the most "tangible" as it comes straight from the throat. Piano is also considered tangible. Violin is harder in some ways.

Piano and violin are arguably the most comprehensive starting points for becoming a serious musician. Both instruments are classically based. Proper posture and hand positioning techniques are required. All instruments require this but I think piano and violin are amoung the strictest in these areas (with the exception of classical guitar, which is unfortunately not very popular.)

The white and black keys of a piano visually lay out the natural notes (white) and the sharps and flats (black). Chord theory and scales are best related to piano beacuse you can sensibly visualize the notes easily, compared to drums, horns or stringed instruments. Chord theory will tell you the 1st, 3rd and 5th notes of a major scale are now a major chord. After you learn this scale, you can lay your hands down to form these chords easily because it is laid out so perfectly to the eyes. Learning to read treble cleff (right hand) and bass cleff (left hand) simultaneously gives an advantage most other instruments don't have.

Violin can be difficult. The bow has to sound even without squeeking and the fingering hand has no frets. Guitar, banjo, mandolin or ukele have frets. Frets help mark where the fingers should go. Violin and piano players are amoung the best readers because note reading is stressed as a major part of the cirriculum. Drummers and guitar players may read but tend to play more by ear in band situations. I can't tell you how many great guitar, mandolin, ukelele and banjo pickers stand out if they start out on violin. Having technique and being a great reader are tools that are irreplaceable!