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Picking The Right Instrument For You Or Your Child


When a mother calls and asks "do you teach 4 year olds?" we always say "we can certainly try!" The trick is to find the most tangible vehicle. Obviously, Voice comes to mind because it is the only instrument that solely relies on your body to produce sound. Whether you're gifted or not, everyone can Sing a little bit.


Other tangible instruments are Drums, Percussion and Piano. Why? When you tap a Drum stick on the head of the Drum it immediately produces sound. When you strike a Piano key the true sound of the keyboard comes instantly. However, reading and playing Drums and Piano properly takes talent. Guitar, Violin (and other Stringed instruments) require the left hand to properly fret notes and chords which can be tricky in the beginning. You're skin will develop callouses on the tips of your fingers because of the friction. Callouses are good, as they make it less painful to play! The right hand of Guitar utilizes your finger and/or a pick to strike the stings, which is an entirely different technique from the left hand. Violin uses a bow on the right hand, which is harder to achieve a good tone without squeaks and squeals occurring. Also Violin and other classical strings have no frets to mark the pitch, so proper intonation is harder to come by.


Because children are sponges, Violin is better to learn at around 5 yrs. (Same with piano.) 7 yrs is a good age to start guitar. Ukulele and Recorder are easier for young ages. The challenge of Wind and Horns is blowing properly to get a good tone. Once you have that down, both hands are free to play on the keys of the horn (kind of like piano.) Modern Guitar tapping with the right hand allows notes and chords to be produced with both hands (again like a piano.) The latest Acoustic Guitar technique is to rhythmically tap the body in a percussive manner between the notes and chording with the left hand. Both of these later techniques are for the advanced player. It is good to know what you're getting into.


Above all, follow your passion. Even if your choice may a little harder than an easier instrument!