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Pitch Perfect

April 25, 2016


Only a very small amount of the population is born with perfect (or absolute) pitch. The rest of us try to develop relative pitch. There are courses that aim to teach perfect pitch, but one would probably just have really good relative pitch at the end because it isn't a teachable skill. What is the difference? Well, perfect pitch is the ability to hear a note and identify it without reference. Those with perfect pitch hear a chord and name it by key, including how the notes are stacked. A person with perfect pitch can also transpose keys with ease. They can hear a car horn or alarm and tell you what note it is. Pretty Amazing! (think Mozart) Relative pitch is also very impressive, but not as epic. I have relative pitch and can tune my guitar without a tuner in pitch and hear open chords, telling you what they are. A piano player may be able to easily identify intervals. A singer that reads well can vocalize music on a page, jumping up and down melody notes with ease. As I've said before, always, always work on your ears. It will make you a better musician!