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Flying Hands Music School in Louisville, Kentucky


December 2, 2015


Songwriting is a craft that can be lucrative. Writing songs for artists can be very different from a film score, for example. For an artist, you can have piano or guitar with vocal added and record it at home. You can also make more elaborate demos using drums in a recording studio. The composers for commercials and film scores typically write on a computer using a keyboard to sequence sections. For instance, you write a verse and a chorus and then cut and paste to copy another verse and chorus, etc. The sampled sounds on a keyboard can be quite good. Drum sounds can be triggered by the keyboard. (Middle C may be a bass drum and F may be a snare, for instance.) Orchestral sounds can also come from the keyboard. Adding live instruments can make these songs sound more natural. A demo is typically a live example to sell the song. Commercials and film scores are final products. Although many artists' records are produced on a computer, a live band is always better! Take note, film scoring is extremely lucrative but a degree in orchestral arranging would be helpful in attaining a career in the field. Most college music programs offer modern classes such as recording engineering and film scoring. Composing music can be grueling but is very rewarding.