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Flying Hands Music School in Louisville, Kentucky

Recording Music

March 14, 2016


Back in the day, everyone had to go the a recording studio and pay big dollars to record. Enter digital music: all of a sudden you could buy a recording program for your computer and bypass the studio by creating your own music in your home. There are great books on the art of recording, but many skills are honed by trial and error. Good microphones for vocals and singing are helpful tools. Less expensive Sure microphones are great for recording guitar and drums. Unless you own a piano, many mid to high-end keyboards can run directly into the computer for great piano sounds (as well as an abundance of string, horn, synthesizer sounds - even drums.)

Why record? Well even if you don't write music, you can demo your talent. If you get good at recording, you can turn your home studio into a business. All modern college music programs offer the art of recording as an elective or even a major because it's that vital to professinal musicians.