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Flying Hands Music School in Louisville, Kentucky


So Your Kid Wants To Be A Musician?

I have one word-College. Not a "Recording Arts School" or even "Musicians Instite," but college! Musicians Institute is very prestigious, but it's still not a degree. Employers want degreed staff. The chances of playing music full-time are very rare, unless you are a solo artist or live in a place like Vegas. Solo artists simply can charge less than a band, take up less room and are softer in volume.


Half of your credits in college pretty easily apply to most degrees, so you can go back and get a second degree or double-major for the sake of job security.


Whether you're a singer/vocalist, guitar, piano, violin player or drummer, a Music Business degree is a very logical choice. It can land you indusrty jobs in Nashville, LA or New York. Studio singers, guitar, piano, violin and drummers can all make livings as studio musicians. Drummers should also study percussion. Everyone needs to read music well AND improvise. 


A singer, guitar, violin and even drummer can also make good composers and arrangers. There is also music theatre but it doesn't pay very well unless you're a musician in the pitt on Broadway. If you want be a full-time church musician, major in that. If you want to be in an orchestra, prepare yourself of a very tough, competitive and often political environment.


I am singer, guitairst and composer and have taught music for many years. I also was a booking agent for 10 restaurants in my late twenties. As a composer I made a living writing jingles, background music, tv themes and industrial film scores, as well. I have played in bars and restaurant for half of my life. A combination of music jobs many times will make ends meet. Make sure your child is on track for ALL of the possibilities in the business.