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Flying Hands Music School in Louisville, Kentucky


November 30, 2014

Songwriting may be the most important sector of the music business. It doesn't matter how good a band, a singer or a movie is, without strong songwriting it will fail. The Beatles to Van Halen did covers of other people's songs initially with their own style in mind. Those songs were tried & true and set both bands off to successful careers. If you play guitar or piano you have an edge on writing because you can play chords. A singer/vocalist, drummer, violin or horn player needs a second instrument to write on. At Universities, piano classes are required of all music students-theory is based on the keyboard. If you want to write, study all styles of music. Standards may be the best guide because they take many chords and seemingly sew them together, making something complex sound simple. Meld what you learn into your own style. New York, LA & Nashville have the overall best writers but in the digital age, you can live almost anywhere. I had a pretty good career writing jingles and corporate film scores. Obviously the real pay off would have been movie scoring. If you want to write professionally you have to decide will you write the music for yourself, others or something even media related? Music in college programs has really opened up to help create better careers. Dream big but be very, very disciplined!