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Flying Hands Music School in Louisville, Kentucky


Starting Out Simple

Why are Piano lessons always recommended first? Is it mandatory? While it is not mandatory, all music majors must take it. Reading piano's treble and bass cleffs are a great tool in music. Piano is easy to get a good sound out of by simply tapping the keys. Most importantly, piano is set up logically with each note in sequence with the black keys acting as the sharps and flats. Chord theory and scales are based off of piano in books because it is the most logical of instruments( unlike guiatr, violin or horn instruments.)

Try to learn piano first before trying organ or keyboards. Organ keys are not weighted. The same goes for less expensive keyboards. Pushing a key on piano has key resistence that organ (and many keyboards) don't have. Organ is a very light touch. Any electronics should really be learned later down the road.

Classical or Acoustic guitar lessons teach the basics of tone and technique, whereas electric guitar deals with different sounding instruments, amplifiers and effect pedals. Keep in mind that acoustic is also physically harder to play because the strings are thicker and higher off the fretboard. Any one who starts acoustically will have stronger hands. Small children should really begin on ukelele because it is small, has nylon strings and only four strings to deal with. Violin is also great for young children but harder as there are no frets for marking the notes, and a bow used to strike the strings with. Learn acoustic violin before trying electric!

Old school drum lessons began with snare drum. This is not as popular now but it sure stressed the rudiments and snare techniques that are so important. Again, stick with drums before expanding into other percussion and/or electronic drums. Start out simple. Master one thing before you move to the next. Be a good reader but learn how to improvise. The best musicians not only read well and have good technique but also learn the art of improvisation.