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Staying Versatile

October 5, 2015


As a performing musician, you have to be versatile in order to keep booking jobs. Just this week I got a call to play at a ballroom dance, of which I know nothing. I called a piano player friend who is more experienced to get some advice. He said, "just bring your book of standards and adapt to cha cha, tango beats etc.. for each song. The guitar and bass will just follow you." More or less, he was telling me to stay on my toes.

I get calls like this every so often, so it makes sense to practice different varieties and study up on them as much as possible. The point is, you must say versatile because it's easy to paint yourself into a corner with only one style. That doesn't mean you shouldn't perfect one style, but do stay open and try new things. Network with other musicians so that they can share with you their experiences. It will make you a better singer and all-around musician!