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Flying Hands Music School in Louisville, Kentucky

Studio Musician Training

March 30, 2017


The next two blogs will cover Studio vs Live musicians. Training and Versatility are essential for a Studio Musician. You must be able to "sight-read" music on the spot.(Music you have probably never read or even heard before.) You must also be able to follow chord charts and often improvise solos quickly. Guitarists, Bassists, Pianists and Drummers alike, need to be comfortable with ANY style. This takes an open mind and unyielding confidence. You may be asked to play something out of your comfort zone on a regular basis.


Background singers must also sight-read and often create harmony on the spot. Studio musicians are paid very well and often get to perform on hits, film-scores, jingles etc...Joining the Musicians Union is pretty much mandatory for this kind of work. The down side is you usually don't get recognition for your work; however, you typically work much better hours. If you are very, very good, you might even get flown into another city (expenses covered.)


Studio musicians are the Best of the Best. Perhaps most important, they have to be likable people that are easy to deal with, along with Huge talent.