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Flying Hands Music School in Louisville, Kentucky

Studio Musician Vs Live Musician

A "for-hire" Live musician has to have many of the same talents as a Studio musician. If you're that versatile, you could be called to read music for theater or even as an addition to an orchestra. These are typically "sitting" jobs similar to studio work. However, unlike the the studio, there is NO way to fix mistakes! Having Stage Presence, however, is a huge in a band situation. Check out Steve Lukather. He not only has been an ace studio musician but a member of Toto (all studio musicians.) Steve's guitar work and stage presence are amazing. Studio drummer Steve Gadd  has done hundreds of studio dates but plays live in Eric Clapton's live band. James Taylor's bass player; same example. All these players can comfortably fit both situations, and posses the rarest of gifts. 


Famous "bands" are not always brilliant musicians but are a very cohesive unit that plays well together. The bass & drums are inseparable when you listen to the music. Guitar players jump around and play well behind the singer. From stage costumes to projecting fun, both are very important for a Live musician... Finally, Always keep open to varying situations, Stay educated and Always continue to grow!