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Flying Hands Music School in Louisville, Kentucky

The Importance of Piano Lessons

February 1, 2015


If you play guitar, drums, violin etc.. I strongly encourage you to also study some piano. (If you sing, perhaps even more so.) People often ask why piano is the "starting" introduction to music or why it is mandatory in college. My answer is that piano lays it all out logically, unlike most other instruments. The white keys are the musical alphabet A-G over and over, just in different octaves. Each white key is chronological. If you are at middle C, the key to the right is D and so on. The black keys are the sharps & flats that fall between. Chords are easiest explained by way of the keyboard. I often visualize the keys when I'm building a new chord. The numbers you see  are spelled out methodically on this instrument. For instance, the difference between C7 & C9 is easy to understand when pointed out on a keyboard. Intervals, Scales and Octaves also become easy to understand. Put simply, the theory of music is based on piano. ALL musicians need at least some knowledge of this instrument. I might add a warning though: Don't force a child to play piano if they have a strong interest in another instrument. Don't "kill" that passion. If the student stays in music, lead them to piano as they mature as a second instrument!