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Flying Hands Music School in Louisville, Kentucky


The Lasting Joy Of Music Lessons

Sadly, the statistics show parents aren't engaging their children in music lessons as much as in the past. At one time, every kid took some piano lessons, girls took dance and kids tried sports. For some reason, the arts have slowed down. We're all too busy. This fast-paced world, along with gaming is teaching kids to expect instant gratification. This isn't a good thing. We all need to slow down the mad pace. How about we all make our kids stick with a couple of outside activities and not over book their schedules? Can we get a Yay!


We've all been told guitar, piano, violin, voice or even drum lessons teach "math skills, reasoning and cognition." This further enriches our abilities as an individual. What is not stressed enough is how the "joy" of music can enrich our lives. Even if a child doesn't pursue music later in life, the learned skill of playing and singing can be enjoyed for a life time. A lot of adults want to play music in church but were never taught music in a private setting so they come to us to improve their voice or learn guitar, piano or drums.


If you start a child in music and they seem too young, give it some time. Our school wants kids to give music lessons a satisfactory try. However, if it truly becomes negative, try a new instrument or take a break! Come back in a year and try again. Every child developes differently. Remember that music is truly important! Some of best therapy is briefly escaping into the mental and physical challenge of making music. If you've never had the peace and joy it brings to your heart, you need to try it...or at least give others in your life that opportunity.