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Flying Hands Music School in Louisville, Kentucky

Trends in the Music School Business

October 15, 2013

Since the recession of 2008, we've seen a couple of new trends that are a bit disheartening. It used to be that piano lessons were something every kid was pushed to do, along with dance & sports. This is not the case anymore, and we're not sure if it's the economy, if it is no longer important or a little bit of both. When the video game "Rock Band" came out we saw a surge in guitar lessons. However, we want to warn against joining a rock school program without the reinforcement of private lessons. This can be a bad way to learn. (Or a good way to learn bad technique!)

Another trend we've experienced is a student trying an instrument for a month or two and then moving on. Again, the economy may play a role here, but it also seems parents (myself included) are guilty of spreading these kids too thin. Remember, there are far more music scholarships than sport scholarships. We try to make our school family-friendly by doing several performances per year. We also offer bass, voice, drums, sax, flute, trumpet and violin lessons. So give it a try!