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Flying Hands Music School in Louisville, Kentucky

Using a Metronome

August 26, 2015


Whether you sing, play guitar, piano or play drums, a metronome can be a viable and vital tool. Music is math, so your phrasing should be even no matter how complex the rhythm. Practice a passage slow enough with a metronome so that you can keep up without any mistakes. You can gradually speed up the tempo in this case to get the passage up to the desired speed. Also, bands tend to speed up. A great drummer knows  how to push and pull tempos to create dynamics without letting a song run away. People who play/sing solo tend to struggle in a band setting because they are used to speeding up and slowing down during a song. Bob Dylan is notorious for being difficult to play with because he played solo in the beginning. More & more drummers are using clicks/metronomes to keep the tempo even, especially when recording, so that the final result is as perfect as possible. A great teacher uses a metronome, but should not hesitate to turn it off from time to time to give the student confidence.