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Women In Music

It seems that forever, we have witnessed the greatness of many female vocalists performing many styles of music. However, With the possible exception of female violinists, we haven't really seen an outpouring of female instrumentalists-until now. To name a few categories: we now see great guitarists, bassists, piano/keyboardists & drummers and they're popping up everywhere! Youtube has surely discovered much talent among young men and woman, alike. The jazz singer, Diana Krall, was a well-known jazz pianist before she became a famous singer. The guitarist Orianthi was seen on Michael Jackson's last documentary. Besides playing with many other guitar greats, she has a career of her own as rock artist and singer. Tal Wilkenfeld was first discovered when she played Eric Clapton's famous "Crossroads" Concert with Jeff Beck. Tal is truly a great bass player and has sprouted a career of her own. Cindy Blackman has played drums with many jazz greats but is best known as Lenny Kravitz's drummer. She is also married to a famous guy named Carlos Santana! For fun, everyone should research the many, many great female musicians out there at this exciting time.